Source Simulation

Simulating your Seismic Source as one unique system is the only way to ensure its performance.
Air supply is the input, the Acoustic signal is the output. You can't manage them separately.
We can do it to design your new Seismic Source but also to upgrade or troubleshoot one existing Source.

Best performance.

Optimized Air supply management vs Acoustic output.

Better understanding.

You know how and why your system works.

Cost effective.

No useless equipment, only what you need.

An empirical background

Most of the existing systems rely on experience.

They have been designed and often extrapolated many times from older or competition's designs.

Modifications were brought with time. Some have induced side effects, some brought improvements.

Most of the time, the air supply has been designed separately from the airgun arrays'.

These systems work.

But it is often impossible to determine their limits.

It is also very hard to demonstrate to the clients that airguns are dully filled in.

Audits sometimes last for long, everybody loses money.

Modeling is the solution

Understanding your systems is crucial.

It is required to meet your client's expectations.

It is required to know what vessels of your fleet will be capable of matching your client's specification for the job.

It is a great help when it comes to troubleshooting or upgrading your system.

It is also required to save money.


We are capable of modeling your entire Seismic Source, from the compressor to the very inside of the airguns, whatever the brand.

We will make sure that all equipment are dully sized.

We will provide the limits of your systems and validate with you that you will serve your client's needs with this design.

We will suggest what improvement could be brought to enhance your efficiency hence improve your margin.


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