D2C Engineering is your best partner should you want to design, improve, fix or maintain your Seismic Source.

Why Partner with D2C

D2C Engineering cumulates Technical and Operation Expertise.
We use our knowledge to deliver the system you need at the very best cost.
We know about the field, we know about our business, and we aim at changing some of it.
We trust that competition between vendors is key to get the best set of equipment to complete your need.



Established in 2016, D2C Engineering has been created to understand and convert your Seismic Sources needs.
We are here to help you carry out your project, from the design to the operations.
Active worldwide, D2C Engineering can now design, manufacture and sell everything you need to convert your project into a working and reliable Seismic Source.


Our Partners

Alliances and partnerships produce stability.
D2C have a strong network of relevant Partners.
We will complete jointly your projects and help you all along the lifespan of your system.