All skills required to meet your expectations are available in D2C Engineering thanks to our R&D background and our extensive Experience in the Seismic Industry.

Airgun Array Simulation

D2C Engineering can provide you with optimized airguns array designs.

We use our background in Acoustics and Operations to provide the best performance but not only.

Our source designs are also meant to be easier and cheaper to use, tune, reconfigured and maintained.


System Integration

A seismic source is a complex assembly of many equipment, but not only.
A lot of physics is involved, several manufacturers and parties too.
Combining all these aspects is a specific job that requires skills and background.
A successful project requires coordination and anticipation.



D2C Engineering partners have been involved in the geophysical business for more than 15 years.

With additional experience in acquisition, D2C pull from this wide experience a deep understanding of the final need: gather, manage and deliver exploitable data.


Data Management

Data is big part of the Seismic day-to-day Operations.

A proper data management can help you to reduce your downtime.

It can also spare some time to focus on other topics.

D2C Engineering can help you with this.


Mechanical Design

D2C Engineering team is constituted by Mechanical Engineers.

We are expert in Design, Calculation, Prototyping and Industrialization.

We can modify existing hardware, design interfaces, develop and manufacture your Mechanical projects.


Multi-Domain Simulations

A Seismic Source is built from many equipment.
Interfacing them well is key. But this is not enough.
Physics is involved. And it has often more impact than the hardware itself.